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What Others Are Saying About Family Time Magazine…


Family Time has it all!

I love grabbing the free easy to read magazine on my way out of work at the beginning of each new month. The covers are always awesome with “REAL” people on them, the activities are endless, the freebies are great, the informational articles are always helpful. It’s definitely the “everyday family”‘s perfect magazine!!! Thank you for being so great! – Jodi Hansas Enriquez


Family Time Magazine lives up to its name.

Now a days it’s so hard for families to find something to do together let alone plan it. The magazine gives us access to so much family fun and all we have to do is use our time to have fun and enjoy – Daisy Rodriguez

“Family Time has been around in the house forever”

I‪ have 3 girls, 20, 17, and 11 , so family time has been around in the house forever thanks to my aunts love of reading and teaching. My youngest has really gotten into raceing after going to Stafford motor speedway last year but we missed the truck show.It would be great to go and bring them to the show in Feb ! – Henry Hine

I really do love Family Time Magazine!

I go to you to find out what’s happening around town. Just yesterday, I was lying in bed reading about the suggested books for Valentine’s day. I plan on ordering the Berenstain Bear ones on Amazon. What comes to mind is how you are a part of our everyday life. What I find in your magazine enriches our life. Having moved to Chicago just under two years ago , I’m so glad you were here to help me learn to live in a new city.

– Joanna Rose

I love to read family time magazine…

… because it give a lot of useful information about activities around town, and educational articles are awesome. As a single mother of 3 it makes it easier for me to find activities to fit in our schedules. You guys care more about the community and people than any other company out there.

-Kelly Roche

Stay At Home Mom

I have a VERY active almost 6 year old boy & as a SAHM it was becoming more difficult to keep him entertained daily (1/2 day Kindergarten). Thanks to Family Time Magazine, I’ve learned about TONS of events that are relatively inexpensive & he’s never bored. If they’re not free there’s always a coupon. GREAT parenting advice too!! We’ve never been to Monster Jam but we do have our earphones ready to go!! – Andrea Kirchhoff- Brejcha




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