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Kids Expo

Family Fun comes to the Tinley Park Convention Center by Chicagoland’s own Family Time Magazine. The Chicago Kids Expo is sure to entertain both parents and kids! Offering rides, giveaways, face painting, petting zoos, entertainment, and so much more, the annual Kids Expo is now celebrating 10 years of family fun.





Location – Chicagoland Kids Expo



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Absolute Best Kids Expo in the Chicagoland Area!


Great fun at the Kids Expo…

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Kids Expo 2013

Kids Expo Highlights


Area Marketing and Promotions hosted their 9th KIDS EXPO in March 2014 with great success, AGAIN! Quality family entertainment, enticing exhibits and fun activities were offered! Tinley Park Convention Center once again blossomed to become every kids’ and parent’s dream for two days! This one of a kind INDOOR event is open to the public. Minimal charges allowed many adults and their children access to all the attractions of the two-day extravaganza.


What others are saying about

the 2014 Kids Expo…

“It was a good facility (Hidden Cove Sports Complex). The fun was continuous for the kids, there was always something going on. It might be nice to have more give-aways, even if the prizes were smaller just to create even more fun!”  – Best Buy

“We were very satisfied with the expo facility and the staff at Family Time Magazine. The expo was well organized. We definitely plan to attend again next year.” – Jennifer Y. Williams/Disney Vacation Club

“The facility was great, but the patrons attending lived too far away from my business. I would definitely recommend this expo to others.” – Scentsy

“We were very pleased with the expo and will definitely be back next year. The best part was the petting zoos and the pony rides. The DJ was a little too loud. Maybe his volume could be lowered for next year. Thanks!” – Girl Scouts GCNWI 70615

“Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the expo. Next time, we could use more carts for load-in and a better trash service.”  – TIIA

“We were very satisfied with Family Time Magazine’s Kids Expo. We definitely plan to attend next year and will recommend the expo to everyone.” – Bradley Fire Department

“It would be nice to see a celebrity/athlete next year to help gain customers interest. The entertainment for the kids was fantastic. I also liked the ponies.” – Anonymous

“The events for kids on the mainstage were the best. The free bouncers and free pony rides were the favorites. I would like to see more reasonably priced food at the pizza cafeteria next year.” – Thirty-One Gifts

“I think the Expo went pretty well. We were pleased with the turnout for the K-9 demonstration. I think those who attended enjoyed the show. Many had questions pertaining to the K-9 at the Department. We would be interested in attending again. Next year I think we would like to have a couple more tables and a back drop. Many people were not aware of the department taking fingerprints and photos for children.” – Lt. Michael Johnston/Bradley Police Department

“We had a great time.” – Melissa Neymeyer/Kankakee County CVB