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Contact:   Caroline O’Connell
Phone:      815-806-8844

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Media Marketing Consultants:

Contact:    Caroline O’Connell
Phone:      815-806-8886

Design & Layout:

Carrie Nitsche

Creative Director

Billing Department:

Contact:    Caroline O’Connell
Phone:      815-806-8844 (office)

Contributing Writers:
Carol Alexander
Shelley Bacote
Samantha Bronsing
Michael Clatch
Kristy Dobbs
Malia Jacobson
Jim Graves
Lindsay Gladstone
Gayla Grace
Gina Howley
Dr. Raymond Huntington
Lara Krupicka
Heather Lee Leap
Becky Lofgren
Pam Molnar
Claudia Parker
Meagan Ruffing
Terri Schlichenmeyer
Michelle Shirk
Susan Scroppo
Kim Tso
Carol Walsh
Cynthia Washam

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