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Family Time Magazine’s goal is to enhance family life in the Chicago metropolitan area by encouraging individuals, families and our community with the information and tools they need to develop a happy, healthy and wholesome family. A key factor and driver of Family Times’ success are our various annual expos, which bring families together under one roof, and our annual guides. Each expo offers a multitude of vendors and information for families specializing in the focus of each expo.
Likewise, our guides (Special Needs Guide is now BIANNUAL!) prove to be a valuable resource for families and communities. Our annual Fun Guide is published every summer, Baby Guide every fall, and our Special Needs Guides are now seasonal! At the expos, families learn from sharing with one another and experiencing all of the unique products and services brought by clients. Family Time Magazine also hosts events such as the Kids Expo, Baby Expo, and Autism & Special Needs Seminar. For more information about each event, visit our NEW websites:

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